Farnham Mill Nursing Home Promotes Happiness and Safe visiting.

From the 8th of March the government has issued new guidance about indoor visiting in care homes. Farnham Mill has been supporting residents to keep in contact with their loved ones since the beginning of the pandemic. The innovative programme of care partners supporting and working alongside the regular paid staff has improved the happiness of those residents who live there. Care partners are volunteers with a difference, they have family members who live in the home so can support their loved ones with care.

Farnham Mill has been promoting safe visiting throughout the pandemic. The care partners scheme has been a major success, as the relatives will always know their loved ones best. Deputy Manager Clair said “What is so amazing is the care partners can virtually tell you straight away what is worrying their loved ones, especially if they are suffering with conditions such as dementia. For example; One of our ladies didn’t like male carers but was unable to express it to us yet her care partner was immediately able to tell us what was upsetting her. It has revolutionised this ladies care and happiness as she now has only female care staff who look after her.

All visitors and staff wear PPE when entering the home as well as taking a daily lateral flow test to ensure they are not carrying the virus. In addition to this, they have a maximin of 7 days between PCR swab testing if they are a care partners or staff. Farnham Mill also offer PCR testing to all resident’s family members who are the nominated persons to visit indoors.

Farnham Mill Nursing home has been encouraging links through family and friends throughout the pandemic with an indoor visiting pod, facetime, Skype, window visits and outside visiting with patio heaters.

All of the residents at Farnham Mill are vaccinated and 97.5% of the staff are now vaccinated against covid as well. Farnham Mill Nursing Home have installed UVC sanitisers to all their air conditioning units which helps kill the Covid-19 virus. In addition, they have fitted air purifiers which filters the air in all communal areas, which again helps to kill Covid-19.  There is also an enhanced cleaning regime to help maintain a safe environment for residents and visitors.

Gabriel the owner of Farnham Mill said “The key to a good home is happiness and this is achieved by a few simple ideas. Family and friends being part of your life, good food, a safe environment, lots of regular familiar faces to care for you and an activities team to stimulate your body and mind in inventive and innovatory ways”

If you like to find out more information or a virtual visit please contact Lucy on 07704 426475 or lucy.jesse@woodlands-hillbrow.co.uk.