Enjoying the sun Farnham Mill

This week at Farnham Mill everyone has been outside to soak in the lovely sunshine we have had. As well as lots of walks in the garden, pig racing, exercise and much more has been enjoyed by all.

Monday was full of laughter as we got active and hit the balloon around the room. We had to stretch far and high as we tried to hit the balloon.

As well as balloon games we enjoyed sensory games that tested the brain.


In the afternoon we got the choice of eithe r making our own mosaic picture or getting out in the garden. I decided to get out in the garden for a little then come back in and enjoyed some mosaic pictures.

Tuesday was time to get our painting skills at the ready. We enjoyed colouring in different types of pictures and making them our own.

We also went on the interactive table and to listen the Elvis music that came with it.

In the afternoon it was time to have some one-on-one time either chatting inside with carers or the activities team or getting out in the garden and walking.

Wednesday, we got our winning pants on as it was time for some pig racing!

This brings everyone’s competitive side out and gets us all cheering and laughing.

Happiness always fills the home when the pigs are out.

In the afternoon we got to decide what we wanted to do as we had had such a busy morning. Some of us picked jigsaw puzzles while overs decided to listen to the music and have one on one time.

Thursday, we made our very own fancy hat. This was a fiddly process but the end result was well worth it.

Sensory games were enjoyed in the afternoon as well as table games that got us wanting to win.

Friday was a beautiful day. The sun was out and everyone was smiling and happy. We all wanted to get out in the garden and enjoy the sun.

As well as enjoying the sun we got to enjoy some yummy pastries.

Saturday, we got sporty we all got active and enjoyed balloon games, shooting the ball into the net and ring toss.

In the afternoon we watched an afternoon film with lots of yummy treats.

We also got to enjoy dominos, scrabble and lots more table games.

Sunday, we had church service if we wanted to go to it. As well as lots of time spent in the garden.

This week all our residents at Farnham Mill got out in the sun as much as we could. We all went for walks as well as watching the ducks with a nice cup of tea.