Winter walks

This week it was so lovely to see everyone and be surrounded by friends. We all got to catch up over tea and cake as well as doing lots of singing and exercise. Lots of us even got out in the garden to enjoy the geese on the pond and get some fresh air.

We started the week with some exercise, we got moving both in our chairs and out. This brings a smile to everyone’s face as well as keeping us fit. As well as getting moving this morning we had the music on in the back ground and this got us all singing a long too.

In the afternoon we got to enjoy lots of yummy fruit treats. This is a nice way to try fruit that we never normally have or even have never had. The trolly came round to us too so we didn’t even have to move!

Tuesday, we got dancing to the music this brought smiles to all as well as getting us singing along. We all love to dance here at Farnham Mill it brings back so many memories as well as getting us moving.

In the afternoon we got out lots of games on the tables and got our competitive side out. Some of us enjoyed the mini golf on the balcony as well as going to a walk around the garden.

In the morning on Wednesday, we enjoyed painting our own little trinket boxes. I decided to paint mine gold as I think it is a sophisticated colour. Once it was dry I put it in my room and now I just need to decide what to put in it.

In the afternoon we all gathered in the sensory room. This was a chance for us to unwind take time for ourself and enjoy being with others. The music was playing in the background, it was relaxing and even sent me to sleep. Some of us enjoyed playing on the interactive table, we had sensory animals and even got a lovely cup of tea and a slice of cake.
This was a lovely afternoon enjoyed by all, it helped us unwind and relax our bodies and mind.

Thursday, we got moving by hitting the balloon around the room, this is another way to get us active but to have fun at the same time.
Once we had finished our exercise for the morning, we got to create our own valentine vases.

Friday morning we got to test our brains with the giant cross word. This is always a good way to work as a team and feel a sense of achievement when we complete it. As well as word games we enjoyed some jigsaw puzzles.

In the afternoon we got gardening, we planted lots of different types of flowers as well as lots of seeds that will grow into yummy things to eat.

Saturday morning, we played musical bingo this was a lovely start to the morning and got us singing. We also got out in the sunshine, there was slight breeze but the sunshine was so lovely on our face.

In the afternoon we played pub games, this included darts and playing on the pool table.

Sunday, we enjoyed lots of different games, walks, films, knitting and lots lots more. It was a lovely way to enjoy what we wanted to do.