Farnham mill is getting ready for Christmas

This week at Farnham mill everyone got involved with helping making the home feel festive. As well as putting the trees up we all made sure to fit in our exercise, word games and lots lots more.

Monday was St Andrews day we started the morning with a quiz to test ourselves as well as watching the Edinburgh military tattoo. In the afternoon we enjoyed the trolly full of goodies including whisky and shortbread. This was a lovely way to end the day here at Farnham Mill.

Tuesday, we started the morning with some table games and the giant crossword. This is a good way to start off the morning as it gets us ready for the day ahead. We also work as a team when we do these activities and it is lovely to work together to achieve the end result.

In the afternoon we wanted to sit down and get creative. We decided to sit and create Christmas cards for all our loved ones. We also chose the ones we wanted to keep ourselves.

Wednesday we started the morning by getting moving with some exercise. We always have a laugh and a joke when doing this. We also got to enjoy some water painting and some colouring in. This is a nice calming way for some of us to get ready for the day ahead.

In the afternoon on Wednesday we enjoyed a Christmas film while decorating the Christmas tree. We watched miracle on 34th street. Everyone gathered around the tv with our snacks in hand and enjoyed the film.

Thursday, we learnt all about the Christmas traditions around the world and how everyone celebrates Christmas slightly different. As well as balloon games and arts and crafts.

In the afternoon we had the lovely Louis playing the piano for us. This brings us all together to enjoy dancing and singing as well as listening to the beautiful sounds of the piano.

Friday was another busy day for us all, we got creative as we made our very own table decorations for Christmas. We also enjoyed lots of one to one chats with the activities lady, and got to finish out jigsaw puzzle too. We also enjoyed a good old word game this week it was ‘Merry Christmas’ this was a challenging word as lots of letters are repeated but we did out very best and got 50 words.

Saturday was another day full of movement as we enjoyed dancing to the music and hitting the balloon around the room. Dancing always brings back beautiful memories for us as well as creating new ones.

Sunday was a crisp morning but we got out the enjoy the fresh air. Some of us even went to the church service where we sung hymns and prayed.
If we didn’t want to go to church this morning, we did table games and painting creating decorations for our home here at Farnham mill.

Here at Farnham mill we have been very busy creating our own Christmas wreaths out of our own hands. Each floor has their own wreath full of that floor’s hands. So, when you come to visit make sure you look up and you will see your loved one’s hand waving at you.
2nd floor

1st Floor

Ground floor