Games week here at Farnham mill

This week at Farnham mill we looked back at all the games we used to play as children as well as the games that are around now. This week was full of reminiscing, fun facts and laughter as we enjoyed the pig racing.

Monday morning, we got moving with some light exercise, stretching our arms up and wiggling our toes. We also enjoyed a game of hangman this got our brains working as well as speaking about the games that we guessed.

In the afternoon we all enjoyed some table games; this was the time to get our competitive side out. As well as games we enjoyed some puzzles and sensory games with the lovely sound of relaxing music in the background.

Tuesday was full of dancing and getting moving. As well as getting us moving this brings a smile to our face and gets us all joining in together.

In the afternoon we enjoyed some brain teasers with a giant crossword and a word finder game. We also got to enjoy some painting if we didn’t feel like testing our brains this afternoon.

On Wednesday morning we enjoyed lots of different things, reminiscing, painting, dancing, hitting the balloon around and puzzles. This was a quiet morning for us all as we were getting ready for a full packed afternoon, of pig racing.

Wednesday afternoon was full of laughter and fun as we got to enjoy the pig racing. We got our betting cards at the ready with the pig name on it and cheered as it raced across the track. The winning pig won us some sweet goodies as well as the good feeling of winning.

Thursday was a day of music, singing, smiles and chats. We got to enjoy sporty floor games, reminiscing about the music we used to listen to and getting up and dancing.

Friday morning, we got creative as we painted our very own pictures. We got to pick the picture we wanted to make colourful as well as picking either paint, colouring pencils or pens. This is a good time for us to unwind and have a chat with our fellow friends.

In the afternoon we decided we wanted to watch a musical, so we watched sister act. This made us laugh, sing and tap our toes. We also got some sweet treats to enjoy. After we were watched the film, we did a jigsaw puzzle on London and after we had done it we spoke about the memories we had of it.

Saturday, we sat around the interactive table and got to enjoy the different types of games on here. We also did a lot more dancing with the carers, and painting our decorations for Christmas time.

Sunday, we enjoyed church service, morning newspapers and the crisp winter air as we headed outside to see the pond. We made sure to wrap up nice and warm before heading out, but it was so very nice to get some fresh air. We spoke about what we used to do when it snowed and the fun we used to have with our families.