Greatest artists week here at Farnham Mill

This week at Farnham mill we celebrated all the different artists from around the world, as well as creating our very own pieces of art work. Farnham mill has been full of singing and laughter as we enjoyed chatting to one another over lovely cups of tea and singing along together as we did our exercises.

Monday morning, we made sure to fit in our exercise reaching as high as we can and getting our toes wiggling. We also hit around the balloon for a bit this got us using our hand eye coordination. Once we had finished our exercise, we enjoyed a game of hangman and some sensory games, getting our brains working on this early Monday morning.

In the afternoon we chatted to our activities team, we sat down with a lovely tea and some cake and spoke about our lives and what we enjoy doing. It was so lovely to have a chat as well as laughing at the funny stories told. Some of us even got a little messy as we enjoyed painting.

Tuesday, we did something different that none of us had done before, we enjoyed some wool art. We wound different coloured wool around the first letter of our name as well as little snakes. This was very threptic and got our fingers moving.

In the afternoon we sat down and looked through our scrapbooks and stuck in October’s months photos. We also enjoyed a word game and made sure we got over 100.

Wednesday morning was a busy one, we got to pick to make Christmas cards, paint or colour. I decided to do both I started to make my Christmas cards as I have a lot to make and then I decided to paint a autumn themed picture. Some of us even got to enjoy the interactive table.

We also made sure to have our 2 minutes silence to remember those who fought in the war.

In the afternoon we got busy and played some sporty games throwing the ball into the net and playing a different version of golf. We also did some reminiscing which was lovely to look at the old-style photos that brought back so many memories.

Thursday morning, we learnt about different artists and the history within them and their paintings. This was very interesting and we learnt so much that we never knew before. We also got busy and created our abstract paintings.

In the afternoon we carried on with our group puzzle that is in the lounge. As well as playing a game of dominos.

Friday morning we got dancing to a little bit of Disney, even the staff got involved. It was a good laugh and lots of fun. We made sure to get out in the garden and enjoy the morning sun.

In the afternoon we created mosaic style pictures. This was very fiddly but it was surprisingly therapeutic.

Saturday we did a mixture of activities for us all. We got moving with the balloon and ball, we did jigsaw puzzles, played games, did some painting and lots lots more. This was hard cause I wanted to try and do everything.

Sunday was a quiet morning, we enjoyed reading our newspapers and if we wanted, we could enjoy the Sunday service. We also enjoyed lovely one to one chat with our lovely carers.

In the afternoon we gathered around the tv to watch ‘Singing in the rain’ this got us all singing and tapping our toes, it was a lovely way to end the week.