Farnham Mill Goes Back To School

This week at Farnham Mill we went back to school with lots of reminiscing, playground games and word quizzes. This was an interesting week for all as it brought back a lot of memories for our residents as well as learning new information that happens in school now.

On Monday we had our very own proms with lots of music, singing and a big party. We started the morning with poetry club, we love poetry club here at Farnham mill it gets us all involved and we get a sense of achievement when we have finished it.
The Proms
The Proms at The Royal Albert Hall
Is a tradition for us all
We sing songs and wave our flags
And keep going till we sag
We all dress up and look so smart
Singing straight from our heart
The Conductor says he’ll see us soon
As Rule Britannia echoes round the room

Poem created by the residents of Farnham Mill – 31st August 2020
David, Marie
Ruth Di Pippa Margaret


In the afternoon, we all sat downstairs and enjoyed singing and music as well as being in the company of others. I love sitting with new people and learning about them and making new friends.

On Tuesday we went back to school, starting with going back to the days when we were there. We all talked about the uniform we wore, the lessons we took and how o levels have now changed to GCSE’S. It is very interesting for us to learn how over the year’s schools have changed, sometimes for the better.


In the afternoon we gathered around and enjoyed a nursey rhyme quiz, this is also a chance for us to sing along with the ones we know. Singing is good for us all it makes us all so happy and brings us together. We also got to enjoy some garden walks before it started to rain, lucky we got in just in time.

Wednesday, we saw different items that we used to take to school such as old school books, bags and the stationary we used to use. We also enjoyed a word game, this week our word was ‘big school’ and we got over 100 words just before lunch.

In the afternoon we enjoyed arts and crafts where we were painting and colouring different pictures. We also got to enjoy a game of balloon bounce. This game makes us laugh and smile it gets us moving, as well as using our hand eye coordination.

Thursday, we had a game of ‘what’s in the bag’, where we have to try and guess what we think is in the bag just by feeling it. We don’t get any clues we just have to guess. This gets us thinking and using our memory of what think it feels like without looking at the item. Everyone got involved including the carers here.

In the afternoon it was more relaxed some of us sat around the table and painted a cactus ready for next week, this is going to turn into a game for us to all play. We were all very intrigued of what the game will be but we will have to wait for now. In the background we had nice relaxing music which also had a calming back ground of under the sea, this is beautiful to watch but it does make us a little sleepy.

Friday, we started the morning with word games and quizzes. We had a geography quiz this week, some of the questions we got straight away and some where very hard for us to answer. But it is good for us to learn new information about the world and this gets us talking about the country’s we have been to.

We went to the beach in the afternoon as we got to play with sand. Sand is very soothing for us all; it is nice to feel it between our fingers and play with the shells and stones. It takes us back to our childhood and also when we took our own children to the beach.

Saturday, we got in the kitchen as we had home economics. We got to make shortbread. We all took it in turns to mix the mixture, we needed to be strong as the butter was slightly hard but once we got going it was easier. We cut out our own shapes I chose a heart for my shortbread but there was cars, butterflies and lots lots more. While they were waiting for them to bake, we had a mini quiz to get us thinking. Then they came out the oven the smell was amazing, we all tucked into the shortbread we had made and it was delicious, I’m not a sweet tooth person but they were very yummy.

In the afternoon we got junk modelling we had lots of carboard including toilet rolls, cereal boxes and egg boxes. This gets our creative side flowing as we try and think of things to make. Some of us made flowers, animals and even faces. This is good for us as it relaxes us and helps get our creative side out.

Sunday was a relaxing day, we got to go to church and watch a service on the tv. This was very different for us all as we had never been to one which was on the tv before but we all enjoyed it and loved joining in with the hymns.

In the afternoon the sun was shining so we got out and went for a walk and watched the ducks. I didn’t want to go outside today so I sat with the others and enjoyed a game of dominos, and I’m glad I did because I won one of the games. This is a good way of socialising with others and also getting our competitive side out.

Next week is our wild west week and we are all going to get dressed up and get to learn a lot about native Americans and the cowboys.