This week Farnham Mill went to Nepal for a week of culture and traditions.

A new week at Farnham Mill started with some morning exercise. Exercising with the pompoms has become a real favourite and everyone started the day with a stretch and a smile.

In the afternoon sunshine it was time for a game of Giant Connect 4. Who could get 4 counters the same colour in a line together first!

For others a time to relax in the afternoon sunshine. Time for a smart sun hat.

Tuesday arrived and time to make music at The Mill on a bright coloured Xylophone.

Others enjoyed time on the sensory table popping all the large paint splodges. A great time was had and no mess to clear up afterwards!

For others time in the Salon and a peaceful gaze into the garden to watch the world go by.

We continued our garden visits with loved ones this week. We are so proud of our Farnham Mill family for keeping everybody safe and well.

Time for Wednesday morning and a chat in the garden to learn about the traditions and culture of Nepal. Many of our lovely ladies here were born in Nepal and we were all fascinated to listen to them.

Birthday celebrations for our special Lady. What a beautiful cake. I am sure we have all enjoyed one like this with our families. It was almost too lovely to eat! Happy Birthday to you!

A Wednesday afternoon of hats and hairdressing. Everyone had great fun wearing the hats although Halloween arrived early at Farnham Mill

A lady’s gathering in the afternoon to enjoy an interactive game on the Sensory table. Lots of fun and chatting too.

On Thursday morning the brains were tested with an early morning word game. These games are very popular and it brings everyone together in the lounge. A lovely cup of tea and biscuits is always enjoyed afterwards.

Clapping along to the piano in the afternoon with a singsong to remind us of the good old days. Daisy Daisy is always a favourite and sung the loudest.

Afternoon Sunshine on Thursday. A cool drink in the garden by the Millpond. Our hats theme continued throughout the week.

Friday arrived and yet more hats at Farnham Mill. They got more unusual as the week went on but made us all smile.

A good old favourite in the afternoon. Imagining our favourite times on the beach with a game of catch with a beach ball.

The week flew by once again and the weekend arrived at Farnham Mill.

In the afternoon we celebrated the start of National Food Preservation week with homemade jam and scones. Some interesting flavour jams including satsuma, banana and blueberry. The favourite was banana, so a new creation was made at Farnham Mill today.

Thumbs up to our amazing chef for a wonderful afternoon.

Birthday celebrations for our special man. A lovely chocolate cake and a birthday singalong. Happy birthday to you!

Our Farnham Mill Family celebrate together.