A Busy Week of Puzzles and Games at Farnham Mill

With this lovely weather we try to ensure everyone is able to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. It is so important for our mental wellbeing and so Monday afternoon we enjoyed the balcony as well as the gardens.

Monday 19 May and we started the week with a fun game called ‘What’s in the Bag’. Everyday items are put in a cotton bag and the residents have to feel the items and try to identify what they are. It’s a great sensory game with lots of funny guesses being made. The bicycle clip had everyone puzzled.

Tuesday morning, we had an energetic start with Michaels exercise class before it got too hot. At Farnham Mill we know how important it is to exercise regularly, whether its walking around the grounds or taking part in Michael’s fun sessions, there’s always something we can do.

Later in the day we were able to catch up with letters from home and loved ones. It really puts a smile on our face to hear all your news.

In the afternoon it was time to check on our plants and keep them watered. The residents love our courtyard garden, it’s a very relaxing place to tend the plants.

John was able to give his lovely wife a red rose.

Wednesday morning and Sarah played the ‘Higher Lower’ game on the balcony as it was such a sunny day. We also decided to enjoy an ice lolly to keep us cool.

In the afternoon the residents decided it would be lovely to paint some little wooden boxes. It was very relaxing and we had a lovely chat about what we would store in them – all our little bits and bobs.

It was also Lucia’s birthday on Wednesday and we celebrated this with a lovely chocolate cake.

Thursday morning and the table games came out – we love gathering together to play dominoes and Chinese checkers.

In the afternoon they decided it was a good idea to have ice creams outside – a lovely treat in this warm weather.

Peter and Michael decided to work on a little project with a wooden model kit – it looks very fiddley!

Friday morning and one of our lovely carers, Viv, decided to take over the exercise class outside before it got too hot. It was great fun doing it in the fresh air.

Meanwhile some other residents enjoyed the fresh air on the balcony – it was far more relaxing.

As Friday was such lovely weather we continued to stay outside and have our lunch there as well.

Friday afternoon was time for ‘Farnham Mills Great Raffle’. Our activities team, Sarah and Michael, had a wonderful trolley of prizes for all the residents. Also being given out were some lovely rainbow pictures that a little girl had painted symbolising hope and love. It was a great afternoon event.

We had a very relaxing morning on Saturday 24 May, it was a morning of jigsaw puzzles and word searches. Its also a chance to work together to complete something, and of course, a good natter and catch up.

We have some lovely plants and flowers in our gardens and so on Saturday afternoon we had a go at pressing them. This brought back many happy memories of our childhood.

Sunday morning and we started with plenty of noise – our Farnham Mill music session. Its great fun shaking tambourines and playing with a xylophone.

It was Normans birthday on Sunday and we surprised him with a lovely birthday cake. He thoroughly enjoyed looking at his gifts and cards and was a very special day for him.

Meanwhile on Sunday Pippa took charge of Reception. She chatted on the phone, did temperature checks and wrote down messages – I think Max may have cover now for when she goes on holiday!

We are now looking forward to seeing what’s planned for next week, especially as this lovely weather is going to stay with us.