Sunshine, Showers and Smiles at Farnham Mill.

As we say goodbye to April on this week which brought us some heavy downpours. Luckily, we have still found some breaks in the rain to tend to our garden and enjoy being in the fresh air. We have also had plenty to do indoors with Arts and Crafts Club, the Interactive Unit and Games, Quiz’s and our daily exercise routine.

We started the week on Monday 27 April being creative in our Arts and Crafts Club using stickers to make some lovely vases of flowers. Freda was especially pleased with her vase.

On Monday afternoon David supervised the planting of our runner beans. I hope the kitchen is ready for all the lovely runner beans we’ll be harvesting later in the summer!

Tuesday the weather was cooler we took the opportunity to play with our interactive table. There are so many games and puzzles on there so we have plenty to choose. This is a favourite of Mikes.

On Wednesday residents enjoyed painting birdhouses these will be placed around the grounds and gardens. They look very colourful and I’m sure the birds will love to nest in them. Matthew is very proud of his.

We also relaxed in the afternoon doing a crosswords and colouring puzzles, which everyone had a go at.

On Thursday we spent more time in the courtyard and gardens. Peter was able to smell the herbs and took great interest in inspecting what was in the garden shed – every man loves a shed!

On Thursday afternoon we dabbled in a bit of water painting. Sue is very talented. We try to guess what the image is before it appears. Its magical and as its water so we don’t get messy.

Some of our residents have received some wonderful gifts from their grandchildren. Jeanette was very thrilled to receive her Fairy Garden and Marie had some lovely flowers and pictures from her great grandchildren.

On Friday we did pulled out the box full of wonderful magazines, books, items we can hold and reminisce and talk about. It was a fantastic day full of stories and chat.

Over the weekend the weather cleared a bit and on Saturday we ventured outside on the pontoon to check on the ducks.

Raffy the Rhino is always a good talking point.

Sunday, we painted our ‘Birthday’ frames, whilst others read the papers on the balcony and played games and did a quiz.

Our lovely staff organised pamper sessions for the ladies to end the week.

Alison loves lovely with her hair and make-up done. Just what is needed sometimes to perk us up. We all felt very glamorous!

We also coloured in rainbows to go on our window to show our support

To finish the day, we had a very interesting quiz and discussion about travel and all the places we have visited in our lives.