A week of Sunshine, Rainbows and Celebrating St Georges Day.

Another week of glorious sunshine which gives us the opportunity to enjoy our wonderful gardens and pond at Farnham Mill. We do love to see the ducks splashing in the water and Monday 20 April was just the right weather for it.

Many people, young and old, across the country have been using rainbows as a sign of hope and positivity during this corona crisis. At Farnham Mill we have created a window of Rainbows – with the words ‘After every storm comes a Rainbow’. Each rainbow has been coloured by a resident and has their name on it, alongside a member of staff. It symbolises our unity in staying safe and caring for each other.

Tuesday 21 April we enjoyed keeping fit with balloon games. A lot of fun trying to keep the balloon up in the air.

On Tuesday afternoon our ladies were pampered again by our wonderful carers in the salon. Always makes us feel better when we’ve had our hair done.

On Wednesday 22 April two of our residents, Eileen and David, celebrated 70 years of marriage. They had some wonderful gifts and cards delivered to them. It really made their day and they enjoyed a nice afternoon tea in their room later that day.

We are lucky to have a wonderful Courtyard Garden and our Activities Team have helped the resident’s plant lots of seeds. They are all sprouting and ready to plant around the gardens. Today we planted runner beans, lettuce and sunflowers.

And of course, all the plants need a good water in this hot weather and Pamela was happy to do this task.











Thursday 23 was St Georges Day and to commemorate we made bunting as well as honouring our lovely ‘English Roses’ in the home – we have so many.

Thursday afternoon we had two animal visitors, Alison’s dog, Daisy, as well a local cat sunbathing.

On such a lovely afternoon David also took the opportunity to check on his rose which was planted in memory of his wife, Lorna.

Friday morning saw some of the residents enjoying jigsaw puzzles and painting. It is a very relaxing way to spend the morning.

Our weekly delivery of fresh flowers needed to be arranged in vases and Monica takes charge of this task and divides the flowers out between her willing helpers.

Saturday morning and the sunflowers needed to be planted, Jeanette had the opportunity to decide where they were planted.

Sunday was just as hot as all the other days this week and so we relaxed around the gardens. It is certainly lovely to be outside and make the most of this weather, I think rain is forecast for the coming week.

Cheers everybody !!