An exciting week with visits to Farnham Mill’s Pub and Café.

We have had another very busy week at Farnham Mill. With lots of quizzes, exercise classes, themed activities and so much more.

Monday the 30th, our lovely staff continued to hand out daffodils to residents this week. It brought a little bit of spring into the home, as well as lots of smiles.

In the afternoon residents played a card game with Sarah called ‘Higher Lower’. They had to guess whether the next card in the pack would be higher or lower than the previous one. It was great fun and also gave us a chance to talk about our favourite card games.

In the morning of Tuesday 31, we enjoyed playing Hangman with a Musical theme. All of the answers were song titles so we couldn’t resist a singalong as well.

We followed this with a quiz which we really enjoyed in the afternoon.

We continued to decorate our Easter Bonnets. We had a lot of fun singing along when Michael and Leah walked around the home playing their guitars and singing for us, as they went around the home.

Wednesday 1st April it was time for Michael’s Gardening Club. Residents got together to plant seeds We will enjoy watching these grow and we are hoping for a lovely display of flowers in the next few months.

All of our residents also have access to a lovely big jigsaw table. Everyone likes to do a bit as we dip in and out.

Thursday 2nd ,we started our morning with our chair based exercises with Michael. He puts on great music and gets everyone to join in.

In the afternoon Louis played piano for us and we also had the opportunity to singalong to our favourite songs.

On Friday morning one of our talented residents arranges our freshly delivered flowers. We always have such a varied selection delivered.

Friday afternoon we were all invited to the ‘Farnham Mill Arms’ opening. Our activities team have turned our sensory room into a pub – We all went along to enjoy our favourite tipple. We have decided it should be a regular weekly event.

Saturday 4, we opened the ‘Farnham Mill Chatty Café’. This was an opportunity for residents to have a ‘café’ experience and enjoy tea and cake with their friends. Another event which I think will be a regular on our weekly schedule.

Sunday was a lovely day to enjoy walks in the sunshine in our lovely grounds, a perfect way to relax after a busy week.