A Beautiful Sunny Week to Celebrate the joy of Daffodils at Farnham Mill

It has been a lovely warm spring week at Farnham Mill! Our theme for the week has been everything spring like and of course daffodils. The gardens are bursting with the bright yellow flower and our fantastic activities team throughout the week have picked bunches and given them to our very touched residents along with a little note in a card.

It has been another busy week and Monday morning on the 23rd, started with our regular movement session. There was a lot of stretching during our balloon bounce session.

In the afternoon some of the residents joined Sarah to play her ‘What’s in the Bag?’ game. This guessing game is a lot of fun as the bag includes things like a remote control, paintbrush, spoon and even a bicycle clip and we could only use our hands to feel.

On Tuesday 24th March the weather was just so lovely, we took the opportunity to enjoy the warm spring sunshine outside. The daffodils are looking lovely in our grounds and the ducks are starting to return to the mill pond.

On Wednesday 25th our residents Poetry Club met and the theme was ‘Daffodils’. This is the poem our very talented residents put together.


I see no daffodils today

As I walked along the way

The cloud was covering up the sun

As I ate my hot cross bun

I remember as a child,

Spring was very very mild

Now it seems its always cold

And there are no fields of gold

We’ll have to wait next year for Spring

Until we see a golden ring,

the beauty daffodils will bring.

Then on Wednesday afternoon our Art Club also had the theme of Daffodils. It was a very creative day for us.

Thursday 26 after our movement class, it was musical bingo with Michael. It’s always such fun as we love singing along to all the songs as we tick them off our sheets.

In the afternoon we did some one to ones and reminiscing through Art in the Men’s Club.

Friday the 27th, some of our residents started decorating Easter Bonnets for our Easter Bonnet Parade that we will be holding in the home. I think there’s might be a few winners this year!

Not everyone wanted to make Easter Bonnets so we had other activities on such as our very popular interactive table with its variety of games and applications, there is something for everyone.

Friday afternoon was a treat for us all as we had a Wine Tasting session. Sarah and Michael made sure all the residents were able to try the selection, even visiting the rooms. We had a lovely selection of red and white wines and found it very hard to choose our favourite.

Saturday morning, we did our armchair aerobics with Michael and Paige with Lots of stretching to get us ready for the day.

In the afternoon we had a go at ‘water painting’. It was interesting trying to guess what the picture was going to be.

We also did jigsaw puzzles and played with musical instruments. There is always something going on to keep us busy.

Sunday mornings always start with a look through the Sunday papers. This is a great time to chat and talk about what is happening in the world now and in our past.

We know our chefs always serve a delicious Sunday roast. Its one of our favourite meals of the week.

And on Sunday it was also one of our resident’s birthdays. Lorraine made a lovely cake and a lovely big bouquet of flowers was given. We all tucked into the cake afterwards – it was delicious.