February at Farnham Mill, a busy month with lots of different activities

After a long January we started February with a visit from the lovely Tootsies Nursery children. All our residents love spending time with the children and there are always smiley faces from everyone.

In the afternoon we were joined by Connie our PAT Dog. She visits every floor and the residents all enjoy giving her a stroke and lots of attention. Many residents had dogs themselves and love seeing animals around the home.

Our Interactive Omni Table in our Sunflower Room is used everyday and today two ladies enjoyed singing along to the game ‘A your adorable’.

Tuesday afternoon we invited More House School to come for a chat and play board games. Arthur often talks to the boys about football and gives them a tour of the home.

Dominoes is a firm favourite enjoyed by all; it can become very competitive at times.

On Wednesday 5th we went on a trip to see snowdrops at Ellisfield Church. We were so lucky with the weather; it was a beautiful day to see the Snowdrops. We were also lucky enough to look around the church as well.

After all the walking around, we were welcomed into the Rectory and met some local residents for Coffee and Cake. We had a wonderful day and look forward to doing it again.

Two very happy ladies with their flowers.

Monica was very happy to take her flowers home with her.

The very entertaining Billy sang for us in the afternoon. Singing and dancing is a favourite here at Farnham Mill. We love to get up, dance and use instruments.

Thursday 6th we started our day with Art Club. We chose a Valentines Theme and made Heart Sun Catchers.

This was a very fiddley activity which everyone managed really well to not get stuck to the sticky back plastic.

We carried on our Valentine Theme with a Quiz in the afternoon. A group gathered together in the Sunflower room.

Word Searches and a Valentine Sudoku kept us busy. Heads were down and concentrating hard.

We were feeling very energetic this morning so started with a parachute game. Keeping active is an important part of our day.

Balloon Games can also be used for those that feel more comfortable sat down.

Friday 7th we enjoyed Kelly Kadabra. She had us all laughing and her magic acts were brilliant fun. We were all amazed with her tricks. Many loved being involved in her magic act.

Over the weekend the activities didn’t stop. We enjoy involving families in our activities. Valentine crafts were made and it was lovely to see residents and family getting stuck in.

Table games are always a favourite past time. These sensory puzzles are great for coordination.

Monday morning kicked off with our new Poetry Club. Many residents enjoy reading and writing poetry. We will be gathering every few weeks to read poems and write our own. This month we wrote our own Valentines Poem.

On Tuesday 11th cookery club kept us busy up to lunch time. We made Valentine Cakes in the shape of butterflies and hearts. They looked and tasted delicious.

Our new friends from Edgeborough School visit us every month with a different Art Project for us to make with them. This month we painted Blossom Trees.

Pippa really enjoys the school children visiting and is a favourite of the children too.

Wednesday 12th we had our monthly Church Service with Wendy Edwards. Many gathered on the 2nd floor for the service.

Tim Straker visits us every four weeks with a different themed Brass music session. We have many musicians amongst us so this is an enjoyable experience for residents and family.

One to ones were the main focus this Thursday afternoon. Lori spent time with a few ladies, painting their nails pink and red for Valentines day.

We do enjoy our girly time together and putting the world to rights!

Michael spent time with the guys. Water painting with Bernie kept them busy for a while.

Crafts with Peter on the ground floor.

Friday 14th the residents chose to meet their friends and paint on the 1st floor.

Others chose to design cards on the ground floor which we display and sell for our charity.

Friday afternoon Emma H entertained at Farnham Mill. She was amazing, everyone thoroughly enjoyed her performance.

Its lovely to see people up on their feet dancing.


Norman and Sarah sharing a dance together.


It was a full house for Emma H’s first performance.

After a busy week, we started the weekend with our first meeting in the sunflower room “postcards for kindness “was the agenda.

We wrote postcards to individuals who are living alone and want a friend to talk to with similar interests. We received 7 postcards in the first week. We are eagerly waiting for our next batch to arrive.

Tables games were in full swing on the ground floor.

Birthday celebrations for David involved lots of singing and a lovely cake.
Happy Birthday David

Tootsies Nursery School visited us on 17 February in the morning. We made monsters together! It’s really lovely seeing them make special friendships with our residents.

On the 18th Rebecca sung for us. She has a great voice and we all enjoyed dancing.

On the 19th Paul Tickner came for his Memory Lane music session.

Thursday 20th a group of us went to The Princess Royal pub in Runfold. It’s a pub with a great atmosphere and a chance for us to enjoy a cup of tea or an alcoholic drink if we prefer.

Then in the afternoon Louis played piano for us. A chance to relax and unwind.

A quiet weekend of 22nd and 23rd saw us relaxing with table games, catching up with family and reading the weekend papers.

Monday 24th started with Sensory Games, Musical instruments and family visits.

Making music always goes down so well on the 2nd floor.

Matthew having a cuppa and chat with his lovely family.


The greyhounds visited everyone in the afternoon. This visit we met three greyhounds.

Hanny, Reggie and Izzy are “Retired and loving it”

Pancake day involved a tossing competition. 28 was the score to beat.

Niki managed to toss her pancake 10 times.

Even the staff couldn’t resist having a go, Lyn was our champion with 28.

Edgeborough School also visited us in the afternoon with their regular art club.

We also had great fun on our sensory table – it has lots of different programmes to explore

Kiddley Divey came to Farnham Mill on 26 February for a fun session of music and exercise. We had the chance to make some noise banging on a drum.

Thursday 27th, we get fit with our regular exercise class with Michael.

The lovely Adina sung for us on Friday 28 February. We loved her colourful dress.

Saturday 29 February gave us the chance to learn some leap year facts and to finish off the month with some family visits.